I used to be a frustrated mother who could not understand why her daughter kept crying and throwing tantrums. I know I have done everything to stop her from crying. I made sure she was well fed, her diaper was clean, the room temperature was okay, among other things. But still, she continued to cry nonstop. It got to the point that my husband was irritated with me because I did not know how to pacify our daughter. I have joined parenting support groups and read parenting blogs to help me with my dilemma. Then I discovered about sign language as a communication tool between parents and their little ones. I did more research on the topic and found out that learning sign language offers a lot of benefits for parents and children. I decided to know more about it and enrolled at Sign 4 Baby. I attended the Sign, Play and Learn Class under Miss Joann Woolley. Miss Joann was so patient in teaching all of us about the American Sign Language. She was a natural at using the sign language. Her stories about her mother and her children were so inspiring. Soon, I was able to learn the sign language and they assisted me in teaching my daughter. We also availed of their private lessons so that my husband can also learn how to use sign language to communicate with our daughter. It was one of the best decisions we have made! Nothing compares to the feeling that you can understand your little one’s needs or whatever she is trying to say. It also took away the frustrations of taking care of a little baby. Best of all, my relationship with my husband got better and I could see that he was taking on a more active and hands-on approach in parenting after learning to use sign language to communicate with our little daughter. Thank you Sign 4 Baby for the gift of communication and family bond!

– I am Marie Antoinette.