Why is it important to learn the American Sign Language?

It is important to learn the American Sign Language because it is one way to communicate our thoughts and ideas. Studies have shown that sign language was a practical way for parents to communicate with small children who do not know yet how to talk and it is also good for the emotional and cognitive development of the little children.

Is this only for people who are deaf and their caregivers?

No. Learning sign language is not only intended for people who are deaf and their caregivers. Anyone willing to learn can join our classes and workshops so that they can know more about the American Sign Language.

What programs and services do you offer?

Sign 4 Baby offers workshops, sign, play, and learn classes, private lessons, playgroups, events hosting, and wellness packages for parents and their children.

Who will benefit from the programs and services provided by Sign 4 Baby?

The programs and services of Sign 4 Baby were specifically designed for new parents, expectant parents, those who practice attachment parenting and positive parenting, working or stay at home parents, and relatives and caregivers who take care of little children. So basically, anyone who wants to understand what babies and small children are thinking is welcome to join our classes and workshops.

What makes you qualified to teach American Sign Language?

Our founder, Joann Wooley and her children have used sign language all their lives. Sign 4 Baby is also certified by the Signing Time Academy. We have also achieved Level I Certification from Sign2Me Presenters’ Network. We also won the Red Tricycle 2013 Totally Awesome Awards. Our instructors are all professionally trained to teach and handle classes for parents and little children.

What is the schedule of your classes and workshops?

We conduct our classes during weekdays. We also hold workshops and fun events during weekends. Kindly check our Schedule for the time slots and venue.

How do I register for your classes and workshops?

You can register online. You just need to fill out our application form and send it to Payments can be made through