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Sign 4 Baby Frequently Asked Questions

What is your make-up policy?

Typically I do not coordinate make ups. The reason being is the time consuming nature of coordinating which class and where, making sure it is the same vocabulary etc... We always review the previous week's signs at the next class in your 6 week session so you will be caught up. What I've found is when there is more flexibility in being able to "make-up" a missed class, it gives parents an out and more often than not, they don't make up the missed material. This is set up by design to allow everyone to get to know the other class participants, and provide you with the best opportunity at learning and success!

I have a toddler/older child, are they welcome?

Registration for the class covers one parent/child pair. However there are allowances that can be made for a second child to be in the class. Some parents bringing a second child who is too old for the class design (age 6-18mos) have found it best to have an older toddler or preschooler have a special date with the babysitter, Dad, or playdate at a friend's house so they (the parent) can obtain all the information provided in class. Even the most well behaved toddlers and preschoolers are a handful at times, and when the class is not set up to attract their attention they begin to feel discouraged. For you to gain the most from your experience, my recommendation is to bring only the child/ren that are enrolled in the class.

What is the age recommendation?

6-18 months is the ideal age for children in the Sign, Play & Learn class. Signing continues to be important for older toddlers and preschoolers but I have found that they need a different curriculum, one I am working on launching in 2011.

How many classes do you offer?

There are two vocabulary sets for the Sign, Play & Learn class. Each is 6 weeks long. You can take them in either order. It is of great value to take both Session X and Session Y so you have a greater vocabulary set to communicate better with your baby/toddler. It is also worthwhile to take the two sessions one right after the other so your baby is in the routine of the class and begins to see the patterns of how we practice and will show steady recognition of their environment, a break between classes would disrupt that, and parents have told me they feel like they have to "begin again".

How soon before my baby signs?

On average it takes 1 to 3 months of consistently showing your baby a few signs for them to begin using the signs themselves. The variables are baby's age, how consistent you're using the signs, that you've picked signs of interest to your baby, and following the tips and techniques provided in the first class that will expedidite that timeline… afterall we are a results driven society.

My baby has a cough/runny nose....should I still come?

Ultimately this is left to the caretaker. Babies do get sick, on average a child will come down with a cold 8 times a year. Signs of illness such as cough or runny nose may last from 7-10 days, and on occasion even longer. We are most contagious while we have a fever and most prone to spreading our illness before we begin to show symptoms. When your baby shows they are not feeling well enough to enjoy class, i.e. fever, irritability, vommitting, this would be a clear indication to stay home and rest. If your baby has gotten over their fever but still has a runny nose, I ask out of respect for the other participants that you bring a couple of your baby's favorite toys and entertain them with those instead of the toys provided in class. I do realize that not having a strict "sick policy" may bother some parents, but the truth of the matter is there are over the counter medicines and homeopathic remedies that can diminish the signs of a cold and I'd never be the wiser, yet those germs are still present and being spread. As a first time parent I was hyper sensitive about this issue, I learned with each new addition to our family that I could not spend a lot of time and energy worrying about this.

I have a group of interested mamas, do you do playgroup classes?

Yes, Sign4Baby has frequently offered classes to an existing playgroup at a private home. Please email with your request. A minimum number of participants are needed to schedule a private class, and a deposit to secure a spot on my calendar.

What is the difference between baby sign and ASL? (why should my baby learn ASL?)

My mother is deaf, so of course I'm an advocate of learning American Sign Language to teach your baby. It is a beautiful language, easy to learn, and there are a lot of resources to fall back on when you can't recall the sign for something. There is a practice out there that promotes the idea of making up the signs as you go, that encouraging your baby to come up with their own signs encourages creativity. Fewer people follow this method because you lose the value of learning a second language, it may be hard to remember all the signs you come up with for everything, and parents don't want to be embarrassed if they created a sign that is in fact insulting in ASL. Imagine how embarrassing that would be? When your baby is left to create their own signs it usually takes awhile for parents to catch on to what their baby is trying to convey. By their very nature, children learn easily. The trick is to stay one step ahead of your baby in filling their thirst for vocabulary, one reason to take both sessions of Sign, Play & Learn, where I always invite participants to ask for additional vocabulary signs.

Will signing delay my baby's speech?

Those in the field of speech therapy agree that signing does not delay the speech of babies. Signing will actually compliment your child's natural speech development. Some children experience a speech delay that is not necessarily related to any other developmental issue. Speech delays occur in as many as 1 in 10 children. Most parents who sign with their baby report their baby has accelerated verbal acquisition. This occurred with all 3 of my children, they began with a solid communication foundation (a great signing vocabulary) and were ahead of their peers at both the 12 month and 24 month stage when it came to their verbal vocabulary.

Does ASL count as a second language?

Yes. In fact ASL is the third most common language spoken in the U.S. Many high schools now offer ASL as a language of choice in addition to Spanish, French, and German. Because it is a visual language this makes it easier to learn! Just think of the head start your baby will have.

Is my spouse/nanny/mom welcome to come to class?

Yes, we welcome a second caregiver to attend class! It is a nominal charge of $10 for a second caregiver to attend (this covers them for the entire 6 weeks!) What a great deal to have Grandma come to class as an additional bonding activity with the baby… they always have such great feedback and enthusiasm. Our second caregivers are as much a part of the class as you are and have questions that I take the time to answer. Please be advised, if Grandma attends the first 3 weeks and then Auntie attends with you the last three weeks, it would be $10 for Grandma and $10 for Auntie.

What is a good age to begin teaching sign language to your baby?

Begin as early as you can! I began signing milk to all three of my babies from birth. Even from day one, babies are attempting to communicate with us, this is one of the reasons they stick out their tongue. It is never too late to start providing your baby with a way to get their thoughts and feelings across.

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