Sign 4 Baby is a company that offers American Sign Language instructions to parents and caregivers in the hope of helping them communicate better with their babies and small children. It was founded by Joann Woolley who herself was taught how to use sign language when she was a baby. This was due to the fact that her mother was deaf. When she had a family of her own, she also taught her children how to use the American Sign Language so that her children could communicate with their grandmother. She taught them sign language as soon as they were born and she was proud to say that her children were able to know about fifty words using the sign language even before their first birthday. As a result, Joann did not have to wonder what her children were thinking and what they needed. They were able to express themselves using sign language. Her husband was truly amazed by this and he said that Joann was a natural teacher. He encouraged her to share that gift with other parents so that they too could understand what their children were saying. It was also Joann’s dream to be a teacher and inspired by her family, she pursued this dream and founded Sign 4 Baby in 2010.

Joann started with a small group of willing learners but word spread quickly and soon there was much clamor for more classes and workshops that offer the gift of communication. Certifications and recognition soon followed and Sign 4 Baby also extended its programs and services to include wellness packages for parents and children, organizing playgroups for small kids, and providing fun and excitement during children’s birthday parties and other events. Sign 4 Baby has also grown in terms of human resources and each staff undergoes rigorous training to be able to provide the best service to parents, caregivers, and their little ones.